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Bundle: The Book of Distance & The Dreamer's Pursuit of a Self-Referentiality

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Dreamer's Pursuit: SR's project experiments with control and freneticism, meticulously cataloging her dreams for content to exploit and explode, unleashing their affects through associative and synecodchic strains of logic which conjoins poetry, automatism, the found object and academic extraction in a confessional and messy oneirotic text.

Book of Distance: A book of agony. A book of wishes. The demand to love in the face of impossibility, if not to love impossibility itself. A relentless, perhaps futile search: for oneself and for the other. The Book of Distance is a work of poetics, a meditation on longing, on the structure and process of connection, and a dramatization of the aching pursuit towards a dressing or a healing of a wound that cannot close. More than anything: a wound which unknowingly compels us towards this pursuit.

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