Submission Guidelines

We are currently open for submissions for AGON Journal issue one. You may look through the digital edition of Issue 0 for an idea of what we are looking for.


AGON seeks work unimpeded by form or by theme. For those who suffer writing as an ailment / For those who savor writing as a remedy: we offer ourselves to suffer at your side.

We accept simultaneous submissions, and only ask that you please let us know if your submission is accepted elsewhere. No cover letters needed, only a third-person bio - however, at least type something further from lifelessness, some simple hello, in the body of the-mail so there could be something nearing humanity between us.

All work may be submitted to: agonjournal [at] gmail [dot] com


Works of 500-5,000 words. One piece per submission for longer works. Two-four shorter works (e.g. 500-1000 words or thereabouts) are permitted. Authors we enjoy: Goytisolo, Lispector, Guyotat, Artaud, Genet, Bataille, Lautréamont, Zürn.


Submit up to five poems within the same document. We like poetry from: Breton, Verlaine, Rilke, Cocteau, Césaire, Plath, Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Celan.


Essays, literary criticism or analysis, art history/theory, etc. Not sure a piece might suit us? Send a submission instead of a query and we'll see. 1,000-8,000 words.


Submit up to five works of visual art attached to the email as a .gif, .tiff, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, or .pdf file with accompanying titles. Painting, drawing, sculpture, collages, and photography are all welcome.
NOTE: Print issues will be printed in black and white. Any color submissions will only appear as such only in the digital edition.


Accounts of dreams around 500-1000 words. Multiple dreams may be submitted, by name or anonymously. Those submitting to other categories may still feel free to make a separate/accompanying dream submission. Similarly, those making no other type of submission may still send in dream submissions.

We are seeking a raw account of dream images and sensations. Please do not over-dramatize or -aestheticize your dreams. With these, we don't want the writer, we don't want their pretense: we seek the senseless idiocy of their actual dream(s). Neither will special favor be granted to fiction/poetry/art/theory submissions that involve or address dreams.

NOTE: Names appearing in the Dream Journal section will not appear individually listed in the issue's contents. They will be credited within the section itself—check Issue 0 for reference.

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