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AGON Issue Zero (Print)

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The uninaugural issue of AGON Journal.

Fiction by Will Cordeiro, Lily Gilbert, Larry Deery, N. Casio Poe / Richey Walker / D.W. Cammbua, Alexis Levitin, Evan Isoline, Malcolm Flanigan, David Kuhnlein, Xylon Otterburn and Felton Pierre.

Poetry by Christine Webster-Hansen, S.M.H., Matt Dennison, N. Amara, Heikki Huotari, Josh Wilkerson, Robert Beveridge and Louis Faber.

Theory/Non-Fiction by Rowan Elizabeth Cabrales, Eva Hedwig Schueler, Leonard Klossner and Wm. Anthony Connolly.

Visuals by Inès Kieffer, W. Jack Savage, Bill Wolak, Laura Amphlett and Kristin Fouquet.

Dream journal entries by Douglas Doornbos and Danielle Goshay.

Edition of 100. 224 pages. 8"x10". 

Every order comes with an AGON bookmark.

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